Inks & Substrates


We use the highest quality, HP Latex Inks, to enable us to print realistic, vibrant digital wallpaper and murals.

In addition to the stunning print quality achievable with these superior inks, this also means that our wallpaper and murals are wipeable (depending on the chosen substrate), safer, and due to their water based formulation, are more environmentally friendly than prints produced by wallpaper printers using a lesser quality ink for wallpaper and mural printing.


We digitally print onto a range of different non-woven wallpaper substrates. 

Vinyl coated non-woven wallpaper.

Our most popular vinyl coated substrates are embossed, giving a matt textured look. We offer sand and fabric type emboss finishes in various weights, with our most popular weight being 300gsm.

Aqueous Coated non-woven wallpaper.

Non-woven substrates with a smooth eco coating to achieve vibrant colours, available in various weights with 130gsm being the most popular.

Uncoated non-woven wallpaper.

Allowing the texture of the non-woven backing to influence the look and feel of your design, available in various weights with 147gsm being the most popular. 

What are Non-Woven Wallpapers, and how do they differ from actual paper?

With paper, the fibres are bonded via weak chemical bonds, which is what makes paper a particularly fragile substrate. 

The term “Non-Woven” relates to a range of man-made substrates, in which the fibres (which can be natural or man-made) are bonded together using much more robust bonding methods, such as by heat or by stronger chemical bonding processes. 

Non-Woven substrates are much stronger and more durable than papers. 

They’re easier to cut & to install, via the “paste the wall” method, as opposed to pasting the paper, and they’re resistant to tearing, even when wet.

They can be made in heavier weights and with various textures, they have great UV fastness, they’re wipeable, and they’re easier to remove when required.

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