Digitally Printed Brick Effect Wallpaper

  • Digitally Printed Brick Effect Wallpaper

    Digital Wallpaper Printing

    Today we have been digitally printing a brick design, double width wallpaper on our HP wide format Digital wallpaper printing machine, which when trimmed will become 20 rolls of 520 mm wide single width digitally printed wallpaper.

    This design was digitally printed on a sand emboss non woven substrate with a weight of 275 gsm, which has proven to be a very popular substrate with some of our customers.

    We have many different types of wallpaper substrate in stock, most are a non woven base, but we can print on almost any type of wallpaper substrate.

    So if you have a particular type of wallpaper substrate in mind for your designs, why not get in touch?

    An example of this, is that a customer recently came to us with a wallpaper that they had previously had printed on “Comet” and “Luna” substrates, which are wallpapers that we didn’t stock at the time. We made a phone call to the supplier, obtained a sample roll, created new print profiles for these substrates, and presented the client with samples showing that we were able to match their previously printed designs. 

    With regard to profiles, separate ICC colour profile is produced for each new substrate, enabling us to get the optimum colour match with that particular substrate.

    While colour profiling was once a long and laborious task, thanks to the advance in digital printing technology, our HP wallpaper printer actually does the majority of the work for us, all we have to do is choose the closest colour match and adjust accordingly, which enables us to provide the initial samples on new substrates much faster than would have been achievable in the past.

    This order for the brick design wallpaper was only received yesterday, and is already printed and ready to be trimmed. So although this is a bespoke service, we really can achieve fast turnaround. 

    This is an averaged sized order, some orders for digitally printed wallpaper can be for 40 or 50 rolls, or even more – but we’ll handle much smaller orders too, from just a few rolls, although keep in mind that the price does drop based on volume.

    As you can see from the photo of the finished wallpaper (prior to trimming), we can achieve photo quality realistic prints, even 3D effects.

    It’s difficult to see from the roll, but we can assure you that once a wallpaper like this is on the wall, you would find it incredibly difficult to tell that it isn’t real brick, without walking up to the wall and touching it to check.

    This wallpaper is a “paste the wall” wallpaper,  meaning, of course, that the wallpaper paste is applied to the wall rather than the wallpaper. This makes hanging the wallpaper so much easier, as there is no messing around with paste boards, getting paste on the printed face of the wallpaper and so on.

    If you are interested in producing digitally printed wallpaper from your designs, just request a quote, and we’ll reply promptly with pricing and relevant information.


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